Giving you #SquadGhouls at Medsol this Halloween

Giving you #SquadGhouls at Medsol this Halloween

It’s Halloween, and we’re having all the skele-fun

We’re not letting our office duties hinder us from getting involved in the Halloween spirit. We may not be seven years old anymore and trick-or-treating (or maybe we are), but it’s still fun to creep it real and raise the temperature with a little costume-competition in the office.

Check out some of the unBOOlievable costumes that snuck through the Medsol doors this morning…


The finance team weren’t gru-some, but in true fashion, ghoulfriends stick together.


It has to be said that compliance are not the most boo-tiful bunch today


No ‘basic witches’ on the Nursing team.


 Sumo Wrestlers putting the BOO in booty


Hoping to sprout their way to top spot… Bill & Ben TFPM.


After all, if you’ve got it, haunt it…